Retail Store Expert Point of Sale Software.

Feature  Rich Retail Store Software.  Easy to setup and Easy to use.


Retail Store expert softare  

Retail store expert pos  Software /  Application  

Retail Business Point of sale Software 2022  is Easy to use and Learn. Good For Mobile Phone Store / Garments Store / Liquor Store / Convenient Store / Grocery and Other Retail Operation .

This is Quality POS Software for Single PC / Server at Affordable Rate Easy to learn , Setup and Use.

i2htech Retail store software is Very Easy to learn and Use.  / Biz soft Expert Salon Software

We are Located in  New York call us if you have any questions.

Secure Login / Features You can Login with User Name and Password Unauthorized person can be Kept away from using your POS System. You can Add more Employee with User name and Password .


Retail store software  

etail Touch Screen Software  or Non Touch Screen.   Retail Store POS Software 2022.

Comfortably  Run your Business. Sell or Create Estimate. .. Select Items with touch screen . Easy to use.

User Friendly Interface with , View Quantity on Hand , Easy Customer Check out . Various Payment options

BACK OFFICE Simple Setup.

Inventory : Add and control.

Retail store POS Software  

Currency and Country.

I2HTECH Retail Store Point of sale software  

A ll Transaction and operations are saved , so you can view it later  in the form of Reports . Lot of Reports . Easy to use for Software with Easy Easy Inventory Control for Retails store , Liquor Store , General Store , Convenience Store.

Various Report on Sale and Transactions.

In Retail Store POS Software ,  Work comfortably with Options / Setup.   Multiple  Reports on Sale / Transaction /  in  Retail Store Software.


All Transactions are save and can be view or Printed. There are Lot of Reports. On Sale and Inventory .

Retail expert point of sale software  

Receipt Setup.

retail busienss pos software  

Customer Setup and Account Setup.


Setup Various Taxes.

Retail pos software

Setup and Use in Minutes. Easy Setup and Easy to use Retail Store POS Software. With Lot of Feature for Retail Operaion.

Add inventory Items Easily .  BACKUP your Database .

Print out Receipt on POS printer.   We recommend  Star TSP 100,  Epson TMU / TMT printers   , contact us for Low Rate Printers .

Click on the link to buy  Thermal printer from our Web site.

pos software  

Database Backup and Restore.

Retail point of sale  

Receipt print out for Sale . Provide your Customer Accurate billing.

We recommend Star TSP 100 Thermal Printer, Epson TMU 220 / TM T88IV  Printer ,  for Retail, Grocery , Phone Store ,  General Store 

DEMO VERSION :  Contact us to arrange Demo Version.  Write To us , with Your Name / Company Name , Address / email Address / Phone Number  to

  • All your Store Department and Items can be added Easily.

    Add Selling Price / Quantity on Hand .

    You can add all your Items / Accessories and Specials.

  • Backup / Delete / Save/ Restore your Database.

    All transactions are saved . Save you menu items / Customer Database and Sale.

  • Handle Multiple Customers .

    Print out Receipt for Customer , Refund , Reprint Receipt. .

    save all Sale Transactions !

  • Recommended Printer : STAR TSP 100 / PBM / RData Thermal printer

    Recommended Hardware : We sell POS Printers / All in one Touch sceenn Contact us.

    Window : 7 / 8 / 10.

    QUESTION : Contact us!

    YHD 807 Thermal Printer Click on the link to buy Thermal printer from your Web site.

A super Easy to use POS Software, ready for some serious business. Experience the Power of POS software.
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